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  Materials and Techniques for
Accessing the Creative Source
  Class 3: June 3, 2006; piece 1 of 2


Turkey - I didn't know a bird was coming - again. Birds, eggs, circles. Recurring theme with me.

The circles came first - then the pain - the judements, the cruel decisions, the self-spiting conclusions, the seemingly wasted effort dramas, the humiliations and degradations, the impatience with myself for letting that happen.
Harsh strokes of Black, red and yellow.


Then came the bird -it had a more innocent and harmless face at first - like it wastn't there - so I gave it strength and let its color be more like the pile of brooding fretfulness it seemed to be coming out of. It seems to be part of that pile - and living in that pile. They are eachother, they go with eachother -- take the bird away and the nest will eventually be plucked apart and blown away by time and weather. Take the nest from the bird and she may catch illness, build another, spend too much energy to give healthy eggs -- she could get eaten by something.

"Just as well," you say -- but look at her eggs -- round and bright. She watches over them -- guards them -- but still she surrounds herself with the fretting fetidness that is the nest.

Is she Yellowface/Snakehead from last week without her party face on?

Do we have to accept her this way?

bird and eggs  

The pink egg -- it's bursting open with swirls of purple, red, whites and blues. It has connection to the red and yellow underneath... I felt this piece was done...

The next one was a look at the beauty of the situation.
A bird, lovely and whole, wants to be free. Is free. Doesn't want to hurt, doesn't want to be held too long, wants to remain to herself, wants to be loved, even by her captors, but wants to be free.

Maybe she sings, "Support, but do not keep me."                     Back to Top


So much stuff happening. So much change. So much insight. So much going on...

Sometimes I must be silent, it's otherpeoples' business -- but it touches me still. I want to have insights for them, I want them to be okay, I wnt them to enjoy the journey.

My heart cries for some of my friends - what they go through, what they don't see... my judgement --- it's just a closed view, a small piece.

(Phrased as though it is already so:) I am accepting of my snap opinions, they are raw material -- I can work with them. I have friends who understand this. (Or so I intend.)

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