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  Materials and Techniques for
Accessing the Creative Source
  Class 2: May 20, 2006; piece 2 of 2    >>Home Work 2 is next (to come)<<


World-Generator: am I in a hurry? Is someting not right... or do I just like almost pouting while I think, walk, flow and tumble all that is around that I'm supposed to think I've generated. Even as I go from one house to another am I generating - creating? Snakes - always are there snakes curving like a graceful bird's neck in hyper enthusiasm.

Pretty Miss Bird - that's me, when I'm getting ready for a party - oh but she says she's always like this, she's always graceful, colorful and prepared. Well - if that's so - explain how is it then that I am here and she is me. I'm so awkward that I even stun a mouse... but the grace in the swirls that come out of me... it's only my grace so much as I'm made from it too.

Look, I'm in a hurry, thanks for letting me show you my colors - but I have to get past the swimming hexagrams, through the gate and beyond. What's there you ask? More of th4e same; change, change, variety and then more. Oh - yes we have solidity and sameness too - any color you want. Do you really want it? Sigh. I'm hungry - but no time to eat. Hey look, yellow bird, I see your snake face - come with me and let's get this mouse back on the ground. Oh.

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art class: class 2 B  



I want to understand why so many words, why I need to be heard so much, why I want to touch, change, and control? I hear what needs to be said being said by others;
why do I need to be saying it too?

Muse me back ... call me home...

How much external validation do I need? Maybe I am adequate, and that is enough... so my intention...? Why am I tired of being humble? Why am I needing to voice so much? Maybe I want to be able to say I'm happy being quiet and still and watching "it" unfold before me. Maybe... I am in a place where I feel all will be okay, the nature of my surroundings can carry on without my help. I get to sit back and let it all happen. I get to take joy in the scene/environment unfolding around me... I don't need to be a world-generator on two feet.

I am a content observer at rest in a place/environment I feel safe in, maybe even nurtered in. Fed in. Inner food. Healthy inner food. Balanced.      Back to Top