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  Class One: May 6, 2006; piece 4 of 4, >> Home Work 1 is next <<


(given brown paper booklets of 4 leaves each) wanted to use the pages - didn't know it'd go so fast. As I was working on the first face of paper I found a sky blue chalk pastel that needed cleaning. I started cleaning it on a piece of paper towel, but that felt like a waste of color, so I went to another "page" in the booklet and wiped the chalk pastel off there. (that was the beginning of the egg.)

Eventually I had three page faces going and took turns with them. I didnt want to work the 4th page - I don't know why - probably because I felt the 3 were related and "whole". So I have a separate 4th I did on tar paper of all things.

The first ("garden from back")started as the gorgeous reds I've seen in tulips this year... then I remembered how much I loved the forget-me-nots' periwinkle color near the tulip red. Next thing I knew, I had blotches of purple and was drawing my garden from the back of it. Gardens sometimes are in the round - but sometimes there are dominant viewing angles. To me they are living sculptures.

While working on the garden - an egg started appearing on the 2nd page and a square on the 3rd. I felt happy about the egg - its symbolism, it's placement ... it is entering, it is a seed, it is a seed through which the art force may enter.(Maybe I shouldn't call it egg, but it started as what looked like an egg, so that's what I call it.)

Art Class: Scotland  

The square page - I saw it as rigid and stayed - I thought of it as my judge. I decided to stop judging my judge a bit into the process. Eventually a goat came into it. As I was drawing the goat, I was thinking about how friendly goats are "why do I like goats so much?" I'd seen a sheep in my mind's eye, but the word in my head was "goat", because I'm more pre-occuppied by goats maybe. I'd meant it to be a sheep because I liked the funny sheep in Scotland, yet the word in my head was "goat". eventually I just went with it...

Then I started one that was to honor Scotland. I wanted it to be a bit larger than the others - and I thought the darkness of the roofing paper was great. The symbolism even... we have so much work to do on the house - the roof. I feel I might leave it in book form because it's multi-dimensional. It was all happening at the same time.                      Back to Top

Muse calling time... writing to call on intention... so I"m here... where I always seem to need to bee... why do I walk away and stay away from here so much? I feel like crying, like bursting open... wonderment and pain... I"m making silly promises to myself like "that's it... all I ever want is to do art." "I'm calling my ESC(college) mentor and telling him that all I want is art classes. I'll email him tonight about that." I'm wanting to bring my husband John here to share in this ... for him to feel what a room full of permission, promise, possibilities feels like." I want this in my life.... here it is and I am wanting it... It's scarey... it's like after going to Belgium... this is what I want - I have it, but I'm greedy - I want more of it, I want to surrender in to it ALWAYS. I want to be told and shown I can always have it - all the time. Perhaps my intention is to give "this" a re-entry into my life - like the vikings re-claiming a past conquest or something - my intention is to bring, invite, "this" more fully, most fully, into my/our - life/lives. (that can be a global "our")       Back to Top