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  Homework Three: for June 24 , 2006; piece 1 of ?


Eyeless peacocks -- it's all in a peacock's tale.

The building that turned into a doorway? Drama and what's its use?

I dragged and scattered my brush with my eyes closed -- nothing formed -- I used the light pink with my eyes closed, I saw some dramatic strokes from that. In those strokes I saw the top peacock. The last peacock to emerge was the red one.

While working in my time limit, I didn't feel like stopping. I wanted to continue painting, but I'd gone the full amount of time, had scheduled something else and had to stop.

What are the peacocks saying? "Look at our tails!" How colorful, full, and they can shake and expand -- maybe they are the symbol of the medicine aspect of drama. Adding Pomp and Beauty to life -- make situations more special -- reminding us that we are all royal and can dance. Without the dance ... where would we be? Drama.

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Peacocks Tale  


t"...state where you want to be, how you want things... as though they are that way "

Drama -- To release drama -> what is the purpose and use of drama?
Is it a mockery of feeling? Of deep and stront feeling?
Why do we use drama so much -- is it to our emotional meals what salt and sugar is to our recipes? Non-nutritionally necessary but adds flavor.

Depth of feeling, committment, sincerity are all lovely -- but do they need to be feigned? Doesn't drama waste our time?

Maybe it brings a message, underscores the importance of something -- maybe it brings the watcher's awareness to the strong points of a message. Maybe it akes life a little more interesting. Maybe we need drama somehow.

If we release it, it can be near us but not hold us captive. If we release it -- it can sing wher it wants and we can choose when to listen.

I release drama and maintain my ability to choose when to listen to it.

(Phrased as though it is already so:) I am accepting of my snap opinions, they are raw material -- I can work with them. I have friends who understand this. (Or so I intend.)

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