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  HomeWork Two: June 2006; piece 1 of 2


I did not walk through my photos to choose one. I had already decided on this one when I heard about the assignment.

In this photo I am offering my younger brother flowers- it seems to be tht I'm just sharing and he's being shy.

I've come to think of this photo with the title of "Peace Offering". What is the reward... his giggle, his trust, his vulnerability, his joy, his gratitude, but perhaps mostly, his presence, and mine, in a peaceful state. Enjoying the flowers, the sun, the grass beneath our feet, the trees, the butterflies, the birds, the games to play.

As I look at it and witness it, I wasn to bring it into focus. I want to see his expression... I want to see the flowers closer; I want to be near those leaves in teh background. I want to fel that grass, is the soil moist or dry? What lawn are we on? I think I knew exactly where we were. Was some one telling us what to do, or were they witnessing us with their camera? Was it my grandfather? My aunt? My mother? Does it matter?

I was six and my brother was nearly four; I was sharing my flowers with him.

flower gesture  

Why is his hand clenched in front of him? What is he holding? Did I ask at the time? Was the photographer telling him not to take a flower?

Two children playing, being playful, flowers, summer day, bare feet, it's a promising start.

The shadows -- the girl's shadow (mine), it reaches with thin arms, like a grasshopper, but it doesn't lean forward into what it reaches towards. There seems to be a peaceful still space between them -- there seems little need to close the space... they've determined that it's safe to be that near eachother.

I think they are giggling and playing, they are playing at sharing flowers. They are playing at "The Peace Offering".                      Back to Top


"...state where you want to be, how you want things... as though they are that way "

I am calm, I am focussed. I am in touch with my innter oice, I hear my inner voice, I hear my inner child... there is peace... peace surrounds me , peace is withing me. I find peace.

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