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(This was found in a more wooded area, with many branches on it. The photo happened later.)

Alone, by itself, surrounded by lush flexible green... it's gray, looks like aluminum... sharp angels, dry, brittle appearingImpermeable. It looks out of place; man made.

I pull at it to bring it with me, it's tenacioius and doesn't want to be uprooted. Is it a thistle? The bristly seed pod type thing reminds me of art nouveau shapes I've seen. Do all the pin like things symbolize where a seed could be? Do the birds eat the seeds? Finches? What did it look like when it was green? Is it proud? Is there spirit in it still? Was it proud? Did it work hard, or did it happen to grow in a very easy place? No lawn mowers to mow it down.

Almost Art Deco wth the organic lines and man made industrial look combined. Natures is the artist. Nice Piece.

space thistle

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"...what you want get from the images you are about to make..."


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