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  HomeWork One: May 2006; piece 1 of 2


So full - I feel bursting - like a rush of warm, enticing liquid is pouring down in a huge water fall over me.

The damp of dark stones at midnight. I had a clear vision (in my mind's eye) of what it looked like when I read the poem Toni (Martignoni chose for us today. What I see (in what I've done) is redder than my vision. (more lilac than periwinkle, more magenta than violet.) I like it viewed from a distance more than close up. Close up... the texture is fun. I'm not used to oil pastels. The cliffs and rocks, they're puffing up their chests saying, "look at what we show... don't analyze us deeply... don't question our crevices and crags or wonder about who lives there."

The sky seems a little more inviting, the moon is Toni in the east smiling a poem.

The colors are great - just not what I'd envisioned.

The river hides - I couldn't get a dark enough color. This IS a drawing of the night.

Where's my textile artist self... who was she... where'd she go... do I care?

There she is, (Home Work 1B) drawing stars and stylizing them - color pencil - meticulous - hmmm - can't get dark enough - how about this blue oil pastel? Maybe it'll help.... oooo how it interacts with the color pencils - swirls - shapes - there she is - my textile artist self - doodler queen. But it's all just doodling... where is the meaning? Shapes and textures and techniques... where is meaning?


moonlight drawing  

Hey - I see hips curve, a belly shape - thighs - oh! A lady! A lady has come out to add mystery and meaning... how blessed this process is... the mysteries - the visitors - the guest stars and their cameo appearances. I feel a shout, a call, a wail of joy and sadness and relief stuck in my throat... I want to do more... I feel like a restless horse is caged in me - a playful, wild, organic, native horse with sky dances left to do... with callings from its life wondering why it's not there filling the space as it should.
Horses - but i feels like it has the power of an elephant.. maybe it's goat friend with a a desire, a call tha is as strong as an ox.
Elephants - red and yellow, India, carnival - play - life rolling and tumbling.
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Toni's poem for the day...

"The canyon bleeds, then deepens

and darkens. The intricate declension

of its ledges, bluffs and grottos

blends in this late light.

Wind swirls from the depths

carrying pine scent on its back.

A sliver of white moon

in the east. A nighthawk roars above.

Thin light spills into the gorge

and the river sings an ancient song.

At the edge of shadow, night:

dark stone, pine scent, water, cascading Light."

........DAVID LEE, from So Quietly The Earth.

As I read that I imagined myself as that sliver of a white moon, since I am
here in the East. ---- From Toni Martignoni (


"...what you want get from the images you are about to make..."

Nervous. Excited about work... upset about work... want to redesign my web page, want to redo everything.... tired of always crafting, want to do more "designing"... directing... am I finally there? (I never used to aspire to directing.) How odd... I'll need "finders" to help me... I can't always find the flavor or style I'm looking for.

Intention.. art force flow - bring a mark for me to witness, help me find confidence, strength, and ability.

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