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Hyster Series: exploration, experience and beliefs of womanhood.

        It is valuable to read the explanation of the "process" of the class before you view the pieces.
Whatever you decide, I hope you enjoy. (Scroll down to view all 6 classes and assignments.)

I believe the following steps will be followed through all the class sessions. The book we are using is a Shambala Publications book, Art is a Way of Knowing, by Pat B. Allen.

1. First step is to form and intention.
We are to form or find or call an intention to ourselves. We have a lot of chatter in our minds, the teacher suggested writing to call a focussed intention to ourselves.

2. Second step is to start working with the materials.
When the intention is clear, we start to work with the materials. Our first two classes will be drawing... we can use chalk pastels, oil pastels, charcoal, pencil, pen.

3. Third step is to witness.
Witnessing consists of sitting and quietly witnessing the art that came. Then we write about it. We can write about what it was like creating it, what the work before us says to us, we can give it voices and let it talk or the elements within it talk.

4. Fourth is to share. It's optional.
Sharing: this is the most unusual step. If we are ready or want to share, we may. The class is asked not to make any comment and to refrain from asking questions. Silence is called for. We look at the art. The person who's art is being shared may, and is encouraged to read what they wrote during the witnessing. The viewers remain silent.

PERSONAL aspect: To share fully with you, (in regard to this class) I offer my witnessing and intentions from each class and assignment on each page. It's sometimes absurd and childish, but it seems to add a lot to the experience of the art.


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1st Meeting of Class

... my garden from
the back...

egg, entry, seed pod,
"birth" of art intention

Judge Goat:
those critical voices
may make great cheese

... but I wanted to
honor Scotland,
our recent trip

Homework 1

inspired by the poem
Toni Martignoni
sent to us...

...calling on my
Textile Artist self that was...
the Doodler Queen

odd plant

2nd Meeting of Class:

... so we're all little world-generators
running around on two feet...

... yellow bird, snake face,
the gate to more of the same;
variety and change...

Homework 2: to come

flower gesture

space ribbons



3rd Meeting of Class:

...still she surrounds herself
with the fretting fetidness

bird in circle

...maybe she sings...

Homework 3:

peacocks tale
-- reminding us that we are
all royal and can dance.




4th Meeting of Class:

Mermaid and Seahorse Interaction

-- the mermaid, she's adaptable,
a shape-shifter, but often at the cost
of her health, her wholeness...




Homework 4: to come





5th Meeting of Class:to come





Homework 5: to come





6th Meeting of Class: to come





Homework 6: to come